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Welcome to our team!

We are very happy to welcome you to our company!  Please take a minute and review the information below and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Helpful Links

Download and become familiar with our event manager manual:

Print out a copy of the Terms and Conditions and keep it in your truck!

Contact Hartland and secure insurance:

Heather Joseph, CISR

[email protected]

Hartland Insurance Agency, Inc.

2532 Old US 23  P.O. Box 129  Hartland, MI 48353

Phone: 810.632.5161 ext 212

Phone: 810.800.1212

Fax: 810.632.6775

What packages would you like to offer

Below are the minimum qualifications to offer each of our most popular packages.  Please review them and decide what you would like to offer


The zootopia is the same as the small petting zoo, included with our My Little Pony, Cowboy up and Unicorn package.

You will need:

2 ducks

2 chickens 

2 bunnies

DECORATED enclosure large enough for children to enter (10 x 10)

Small step stools or chairs for children to sit on

Baskets or towels for children to put animals on.

Table for hand sanitizer (decorated)

Music, simple lawn game, Bubble Machine

Meet Denise

You may see Denise at some of your events.  She works for Chamberlin as our field quality control manager.  

She is here to help you become the best team possible. 

Ask her for guidance and support, she has a wealth of information and years of experience!