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Senior on horse


During these challenging times, it's difficult for senior homes to come up with creative ideas to help lift the spirits of our seniors.  We offer window visits and special social distance packages to help provide entertainment with extreme respect for your senior's safety. 


Chamberlin has been providing seniors in Michigan with excellent animal entertainment since we began in 2000, and we are happy to provide you with references.  We offer wonderful window visits as an excellent option for our seniors with their safety in mind.

PRICE: $285 - (1 hour)

$75 - each additional 1/2 hour

Available Monday - Friday

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We will come to your facility and bring our beautifully decorated alpaca or llama and horse or unicorn pony to brighten up your senior's day.   We will either walk around the facility (if your rooms are on the first floor).  Or, set up in a safe location for seniors to view the animals from inside or out at a safe distance. 


We will even bring small bunnies or chicks for your staff to take to the resident's rooms for a personal visit.  We can even bring a baby goat on a leash for your staff to take to the rooms and bring some much-needed cheer and smiles to your senior's faces. 

Special thanks go out to our friends at the Anthology of Troy (Troy, MI) for sharing these wonderful pictures from a recent visit. 

Animals are used in therapy because they help reduce anxiety, grief, and isolation. 

It's the and passion we have for our animals and company that have awarded Chamberlin the "Best  Entertainment Company"