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Camel with women standing next to it dressed in shepherds costume


Choose from two packages.

Live Nativity Animals are available for church Christmas re-enactments, blessings, pageants and Palm Sunday Services. Our leash trained, mannerly animals are brought to your site to complete your living nativity manger scene.  This is a unique way of bringing the wonder and true meaning of Christmas to life, Our live Nativities are custom designed for your event. Whether it be a live re-enactment play or animals as a background setting and petting zoo creche scene, the animals will bring your message to life. 

We offer 2 packages to choose from

$485 for one hour for Complete Nativity 

$500 additional for camel *Deluxe Nativity


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Girl dressed in costume holding a goat
Nativity animals on a stage in a church
Nativity scene
Man dressed in nativity costume holding a donkey
Man dressed in nativity costume holding a donkey
Man dressed in nativity costume holding a donkey
Man dressed in nativity costume holding a donkey

Includes 5-6 live Nativity farm animals.

Clean, gentle and friendly animals complement both indoor and outdoor events and draw large audiences. We even provide 2 costumed attendants with your package. 

  • Miniature Donkey or mule
  • Cow or mini pony or mini horse
  • Friendly Goats
  • Woolly Sheep
  • Alpacas or Llamas 

Clean, gentle and friendly animals complement both indoor and outdoor events and draw large audiences.    

Upon request, we will be happy to promote your Nativity event on our Facebook page to our over 7,000 fans.


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Man dressed as a shepherd holding donkey
People looking at a camel standing in a live nativity setting
Man holding an Arctic Fox
Man dressed in shepherds costume in nativity holding a pig

* Not available in all areas

Nothing lends an authentic effect to a live nativity like animals interacting with your nativity. Our Deluxe Nativity Package includes an amazing assortment of traditional nativity animals. 

  • Camel
  • Sheep (about 6-8) 
  • Goats (4-6)
  • Miniature Donkeys
  • Alpacas
Includes about 15-25 animals.


Other animals are available by request for an amazing petting zoo. You may choose to have us bring nontraditional (but fun) animals such as micro pot-bellied pigs, Arctic fox, wallaby and many more. 


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People dressed in nativity costumes holding an alpaca
Picture of shepherds holding miniature donkey and alpaca
Sheep standing in front of nativity scene
Girl feeding alpaca


  • Nativity decorations including straw, burlap blankets, small manger, baby Jesus, and animal costumes- Additional $100  if requested in advance.
  • Two costume attendants dressed as Shepherds
  • Hand-sanitizing station
  • Food to feed animals
  • Tent, heat and lighting if needed
  • Tarps if needed for inside set up
  • Heated tent 

  • We prefer to set up the Nativity on a grassy area. However, if grass is not available please notify your event manager and we will bring tarps for concrete or inside set up.
  • To be part of the Church program- add $100 per program hour which includes: Two costumed attendants with one animal each on stage (your choice)
  • If more animals are needed, client must supply a handler for each additional animal.
  • Client must supply an attendant behind the animal procession to clean as the animals go.
  • We will supply cleaning brooms, paper towels, dust pans and Lysol spray for attendant

We bring all of the details that make your event memorable!   It's the details that have awarded Chamberlin the "Best  Entertainment Company

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