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Margie & Scott

Miniature horse


Miniature cow

Full size horses

Clydesdale horse

Unicorns ;)

Llama (Some are even trained to ride)




Ducks, chickens, bunnies

Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

About us

Margie and Scott joined Chamberlin in 2011.  They live on a farm in Howell with their children and many beloved animals. They both manage Chamberlin events throughout the spring, summer and fall seasons.  Margie and her team proudly offer our "Ride the Clyde" experience with their Clydesdale Renee.  

Raving Fans 

"I wanted to send you an email to let you know how the event for "Grace" went on Saturday ... ...

In all honesty - it could not have gone better from the perspective and control of your farm manager and crew and the service they provided.

You should be informed that your event manager - 'rolled with the bad weather problems', arrived very close to the party start time despite near white out snow storm conditions on the road in the Novi area (as she was driving to us), set up and got started so fast that no one could figure out how fast they did that! I want you to know that Margie and her crew were efficient, professional yet down to earth and friendly, hardworking and overall amazing!

I have booked all sorts of venues, entertainment and events for my 3 kids over the years. - and with all we have done over the years this is NO CONTEST the very best service that we have ever booked. " Thanks, Katie

Our Ponies & Horses

We love sharing them with you

Chamberlin Pony Rides


Clydesdale Horse

Chamberlin Pony Rides




Large Pony



Clydesdale rides


Clydesdale Horse

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Large Pony

Pony dressed as a unicorn with bright colors around his neck



Clydesdale horse dressed as a unicorn with little girl on his back


Clydesdale Horse

 Channel 4 Detroit - Clydesdale visit

 "Christmas in the Ville" Parade 2018