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Judy & Mike

Miniature horse



Pot Bellied Pig








Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

About us

Judy and Mike began working for Chamberlin in 2010 as a husband and wife team, with all their kids and animals in 2010. Although the kids have grown up and moved on with their lives, Judy and Morgan still continue to provide children with a happy and unique experience.

Judy also works as an associate teacher for the Head Start program for preschoolers and has an extensive background working with horses. This includes working as a trail guide, owning a horse transportation business and lessons for children, breeding and training for a large warmblood horse farm, and has given thousands of children their very first pony or horse ride.

Morgan also works as an associate teacher and specializes in Chamberlins Zootopia package.

Both Judy and Morgan are licensed and trained in childcare, CPR, extensive first aid, and specialize in working with kids with special needs. We look forward to making all kids have a safe and enjoyable first experience with animals 

Raving Fans

"I just wanted to share with you that we were so pleased with Judy for our Easter Egg Hunt Event this morning. They were so professional, cleaning up immaculately before they left. They were fun and had great interaction with our seniors and the children. They were just so friendly and had great customer service! They even remembered that I had requested the pig and made sure that I got a selfie with her! I was so impressed with Chamberlin and will be sure to highly recommend in the future. We are already planning to have them back next year and possibly sometime this summer. Thanks soooo much!"

 Liz (Waltonwood Activity Director)

Our Ponies & Horses

We love sharing them with you


White horse

Pony decorated as a unicorn painted


Mini horse (small pony)

Gold Dust



Small pony

Little Girl Kissing brown pony


Medium pony

brown and white pony decorated as unicorn


Medium pony

Black horse


Black Horse

Buckskin horse


Buckskin Horse

Pony dressed as unicorn with pink saddle


Large White Pony 

Pony dressed as unicorn with pink saddle

Princess Carriage

Available with My Little Pony Package only

$25 set up fee

Pony dressed as unicorn with pink saddle

Pony Cart Rides