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Temporary Covid 19 Package

Many of our valued customers have recently reached out to us asking if there is any way we could help them celebrate their child's birthday during the COVID 19 quarantine. We know how quickly children grow up and these precious few years are so very important to our children. We've seen moms and dads celebrating with their kids at home, but let’s face it: a slice of cake around the kitchen table with mom and dad does not a party make. We understand it’s your child's birthday, you’ve got to figure out a way to celebrate.

Chamberlin Pony Rides has partnered with ABC Entertainment to create this amazing option that works great for small groups that are a safer, cost-effective and above all, fun way to celebrate together. 

White Pony

Virtual Magic Show


Costume Character of your choice for a 30 minute show

Special Prize for birthday child

Small Token prizes for each child

Pre-tied balloon animals  

 PRICE: $125 

30 minute show

Costume Character Visit

Temporary offer ~ this package will be discontinued after the COVID 19 quarantine has been lifted.

Please note this package is designed for just your immediate family.  We are not encouraging you to invite other families to your home during the quarantine.   Our character will perform from your porch or outside area, maintaining a safe distance from your child. 


Over 75 Costume Characters to choose from!

Your Character will come at the end of the magic show and we will all sing and wish the birthday child a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

* You may also choose the Cat In The Hat story time show instead of a character for  30 minutes of story time.

Deposit Information

For our customers who have already paid their $50 event deposit for a date that was cancelled because of the COVID 19 stay-at-home order, your $50 deposit is 100% transferable to our virtual package option. Final payment of $150 is due upon booking, we accept all credit or debit cards and Paypal.